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Elevate your restaurant's experience even more
Delight your guests
Technology with
Personal touch
You are in control
Plug & Play
Analytics & Feedback
Delight Your Guests
Provide them a unique experience & differentiate your restaurant
Over 10 unique presentation styles

High definition photos and graphics

Completely themeable to match with your decor

Over 50 major languages supported - guests can choose their language on the fly

Personal contact with customers will never go out of fashion. With TB Captain app your wait staff is always there for your guests
With TB Captain app, your wait staff is always there for your guests

They greet customers, chit-chat, up-sell.

They have entire menu at their fingertips - they review and submit order directly from their iPod

No need to run to a corner to submit order

You are in control
With our management application and real-time sync, you are always on top.
Manage your menu, photos, videos from a single place

Setup menu by day of the week or setup daily specials - just one time. Menus update automatically.

Mark items out of stock. Items magically disappear from all menus.

Plug & Play
Setting up Titbit is a breeze
Titbit works with your POS. Over 10+ major POS systems supported.

No POS? No problem. Use Titbit as a standalone system

We help you setup your menu & train your wait staff

Analytics & Feedback
Know how you are doing and how you could serve better
Capture customer feedback and see it before they leave.

See feedback in context - what was ordered and who served the customer.

View sales trends and staff performance

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All this at $0 upfront investment